Friday, May 29, 2009

rebekah's day

i don't have any pictures, i know i'm a bad mom. today was the fathers and sons campout for our ward, and rebekah was feeling very left out and sad. so i told her that today was her day, and we could do anything she wanted, within reason of course! my sister and her kiddos were here around lunch time, so once the boys hit the road, we did too. tattie graciously offered to stay here while all the babies were napping, and rebekah and i went to see the new movie, "up". it was quite a cute and touching little story at first, then gets a little creepier and made the poor girl jump out of her skin. i kept reassuring her, it's just a movie, it will be ok. thankfully, all the other kids were whimpering with her, or i might have been embarrassed at the constant, "mom, i'm scared, what's gonna happen now??" i enjoyed the movie, and at the end she breathed a gigantic sigh of relief. then she told me, "mom, i don't know if we should get that one when it comes out, it was a little scary for the younger kids!" i burst out laughing, and said, you mean YOU?!?! what a character. (don't let that turn you off from seeing it, it really was a good flick!)
then, she wanted a lot of options for dinner, so i thought souper salad sounded like it would have all the choices, and wouldn't break the bank. after trying everyone i could think of, it looked like we were going solo. then tattie, who had just left my house, called to see where we were going, and could she come too. so it was a little crazy to have all the babies at the same table, but it was fun. and rebekah even got ice cream with sprinkles. yummy! then we went to grandma scooter's house, which they lovingly call my mom. we all played and chatted there for a few hours, until i took the exhausted kiddos home to their little beds. tomorrow we are going to pick out some new nailpolish colors and have a little painting party before the boys come home. sound like a good enough time for rebekah's special day?? i hope so!! and here i sit, pondering why i am typing instead of sleeping. hmmm..... i think i'll do that now. night y'all!

Friday, May 22, 2009


miss rachel decided that she really likes spagettios with meatballs. can you tell? and thank goodness for the long sleeved bibs that actually cover the clothes!! the only part that got it was the cute little sleeve hanging out of the wrist under the bib.

rachel has started giving caleb lots of hugs. she almost knocks him down if he isn't expecting it!! she wraps her arms tight around him, and rests her head on his shoulder. then she pats his back with her tiny little hand. could she be any cuter??

rebekah had her spring sing, and graduation from kindergarten. can you believe the little princess is getting so old?? seeing her walk in with her class, and go up on stage really hit me this time. she started kindergarten early, she technically should be starting next fall. but she was more than ready for school, and actually did better than most in her class! i am so proud of her, and can't wait to see what she does next! she is growing up right before my eyes!

rachel backs up and sits on whoever happens to be behind her. we were waiting for the program to start, and my dad was sitting next to me. instead of sitting on his lap, which she couldn't reach, she backed up and planted herself right here, leaning into leg! it was very funny.

our pool is not functional at the moment, so i got a baby pool, and we put it at the bottom of the slide. that way, you can go down a water slide into a pool, kinda!! here we are spraying each other and being goofy. looks like fun, huh? hey, you do what you can to keep cool!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lots of kiddos

so yesterday, i needed to get some of the clothes back from tat that abby has outgrown. i was at the walmart down the street from her house, so i called to see if i could drop in and get them. she told me andrew had been up all night complaining that his ear hurt, so i told her i would watch the babies so she could take him to the doc. after being at her house looking through clothes for a couple hours, the kids were getting rowdy, so i took everyone home. (i babysit, so that made 6 kids!!) we had a crazy fun day, and here are some pics of the kids playing in the backyard. they rode their scooters and cars around in a circle chasing each other down. it was very fun to watch, but i didn't really get a good picture of it.
rachel, climbing out of the dishwasher for the umpteenth time, and this time, i had sam and abby trying to climb in too!!

our pool needs to be resurfaced and repaired, so here is our pool for the time being. and the hose on the trampoline works too!! looks like they are all having fun, right??