Friday, January 30, 2009


forgive the quality of this shot, i didn't realize my camera was on a funky setting. this crazy child has been so excited to be outside riding his scooter the last few weeks. and even more excited to learn that colby's nifty bike helmet was too small for colby anymore, so passed down to caleb. (i found rebekah one at a garage sale) he rides the scooter literally all day long, so wears this helmet for hours at a time. and on wednesday, i firmly believe it saved his life. now, i know you must be thinking that he fell outside and got some horrible road rash. you would be mistaken. we got a very nice big pool table last year, and our children use it as a high playing platform for all their coolest toys. they stand on it, dance on it, and most fun, jump off of it. well, i'm not sure exactly how it happened, but this little man was playing on the pool table, and i was in the other room. the next thing i know, he comes running in hysterical telling me he fell down and hit his head. nathan goes to inspect the scene, and the top of the helmet has literally cracked off. he hit his head so hard on the ground, falling backwards off of the pool table, that he cracked the top of the helmet and it split off. i cannot even imagine, nor do i want to, what would have happened to my sweet little boy if he had not been wearing that helmet at that time. brain damage, possibly even death from a head injury that severe. i am so grateful that i have a kooky kid that enjoys wearing his helmet. i think i will make him wear it all the time!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

time of their lives

ok, i don't think these pics do it justice, but the other day the kids had ramen soup for lunch. after they were all gone, it was just me and rachel home. i decided that since she needed her clothes changed anyway, i would strip her down, and let her try her first taste at ramen. she loved it! she dove in with both hands, grinning the whole time. she knows when the camera is on though, and just gazed intently at it from then on. thus, no smiles for me, sadly. but i think it is safe to say she had the time of her life! (notice the towel the chair is on, that was so i could scoop up the mess and wash it all!! )

and here are the kids running after the ball at their first soccer game of the season. it was very funny to watch. colby and rebekah are giants compared to the 3 and 4 year olds. i think it's safe to say we dominated the game.
caleb got plowed by none other than HIS OWN BROTHER!! after he face planted into the grass, he was done. rebekah was staggering under his weight as she carried him off the field. poor boy. hope this week goes better.
here he is before the game, all psyched and ready to run! then he found out there is only one ball out there, and he isn't big enough to get near it! that put a damper on things for sure! at practice, they all get their own balls, and have a blast. let's hope he gets over it and plays in a game again! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

my kind of fun

ok, i still haven't figured out how to post in the right order. everything i do last comes up to the top!! so sorry everyone. you can start at the bottom and work up if you want!! :) at the restaurant for one last family gathering before aaron and steve left to drive home with their families. dave, aaron, caleb
collin, allissa, colby, kellie
katie, trenton, danny, alek, and rebekah

the view down the table of almost everyone. there were 2 kid tables behind this one!!
nathan, kellie and dave
boys enjoying the wii. tell, dallin and logan
standing around waiting to go. aj, natalie, steve and aaron.
some of the girls at the computer. jenna, katie and morgan to be exact.
sitting together on the couch. at one time we had 6 laptops going. what an age we live in!!
one of dad's presents. he likes blue, can you tell?
rebekah the princess.
colby and his batman plane
yes, i got a wii!! i think it is for everyone though. it was here over a week before i got a turn!!
caleb got the coolest train. it is a geotrax set, that santa found on ebay! :) hey, times are tough for him too!
here is our loot from the pinata!!
our tradition for christmas eve was to go to my uncle's house and have a barbecue and pinata. now that we are older, and he has passed away, we continue the fun with our kids here at home. my mom puts candy in for the kidsm and gift cards for the adults. my kind of fun!!
cousins sharing crackers. very cute
this is rachel standing by the bathtub. now, remember, she wasn't even 6 months old here, and pulled herself up! i almost died, and ran to get the camera. i guess she wanted that water!!
wow, what's in there, and how do i get it??