Tuesday, February 22, 2011


These always post in backwards order but here goes. This is Rachel posing on the couch in her oh so cute skirt and shirt. We love her in them!!
and here is Colby riding the scooter in the backyard. He is funny!!
Rachel and Rebekah
Rachel posing with her popsicles. She was very happy to eat them!!
In her dress after church. I had to take a pic of it, because Rebekah wore it not so many years ago!!
We went to Prescott on Saturday to see Mark and Heidi and their new baby. It snowed most of the day! Here is the splatted snowman Nathan made.
And here is Nathan trying really hard to put Mr. Snowman up on our slanted hood!
Heidi and Matthias. Such a sweet boy, almost makes me want another baby! .....almost
Rachel and Daddy hold baby Matty
She really liked holding him, and I did too! Thanks guys for letting us play with you!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

sick of sickies!!

If you haven't seen much of us lately, it is because we have been sick. Super sick! It started several weeks ago when Nathan had a nasty run in with bronchitis. He was on antibiotics, but it still took several days before the fever, chills, shaking and general crummy feelings went away. He is still coughing up a lung, but at least he doesn't feel as bad, and has an inhaler. Fast forward a few weeks, and you have Rachel getting bronchitis. She ended up on antibiotics, and breathing treatments. Not a week later, she started off the family fun of the stomach bug. She got so sick, and couldn't keep anything down for several days. I was told to take her to the ER by her doc, so after 7 hours in there, and 4 of her getting iv fluids, she was finally able to hold some juice down. She has been slowing getting back her appetite and being her mischievous self again. A week later, I had my first bout of vertigo in several months. I was down for the count for 3 days with the torturous room spinning, nausea and sleeping for hours at a time. If it sounds fun to stay in bed all day, you are wrong. It is alright for the first few hours, but it gets really old, really fast!! I was sending Nathan texts all the time, once I got coherent enough to type. Poor guy got to be super dad for a few days. Then Rebekah got the stomach bug, and was sick Sunday night and all day Monday. She was back to school Tues, and we had a few days of a reprieve. Then Wednesday night, I had a late dinner, and started feeling sick. The feeling lasted all day Thurs, and I hate actually throwing up, so didn't eat anything at all during the day. My wonderful Mother had some chicken noodle soup and ginger ale that she gave to me, and I finally ate that. I had choir rehearsal, and DID NOT want to miss it. I sucked it up and went, despite the fact that I had barely eaten, and still felt icky. But, I managed to survive, and sang what I needed to. Our concert is on March 5, and we now have only 2 weeks left to have an entire program memorized. I just couldn't miss a rehearsal, and with Brett, who wrote the amazing music, nonetheless. We normally have his brother, Brandon, direct us. It was a nice change, and some much-needed comic relief to rehearse with Brett. They are both extremely talented, and I feel so privileged to be a part of their organization. The debut of the Messiah in America-We'll bring the World his Truth- will be something that noone wants to miss. I am so excited to help bring the dream to fruition in this way. It is the story of 3rd Nephi from the Book of Mormon, and is truly spectacular with the full orchestra behind us, and the talented soloists that are going to be joining us. YAY! We are almost there!! Now, if we can all just stay healthy for a while......

Friday, February 4, 2011

scrapbooks and knowledge

caleb's class made him this card when he had his tonsils out! i love it, but we couldn't keep it up anymore. so we took a picture.

so for those who know me well, you understand what a big deal it is that i finished!! i am about 6 months behind, but i finally finished all 5 books of the pictures i had printed!!! i ordered the rest of the pictures today. it took forever, literally almost a year to finish, but i did it!! i finally had enough extra money to stock up on paper and page protectors and adhesive. that made all the difference. it is really hard to find the motivation to work on them when you know you don't have all the supplies you will need. it's one of those, "why bother?" scenarios. so thank goodness the post office has extra trips during the holiday season, even though nathan hates doing them with a passion. we at least get a little much needed extra money!!
and on a side note, i am back in school, taking 9 credits this semester. they are all online classes, and so far, i have done pretty well. but i find that i have to actually prioritize to get things done, and watching the shows i have recorded, does not always end up at the top of the list like it used to!! GASP!! i know. but i have been feeling pretty good about myself lately, you know, improving my mind and all. and i have tried to make the kids more organized too, with a little chore chart that they can move the stars over when they finish. it was pretty simple, and way cute! now, if i can just get the kids to actually use them.....
and another side note, nathan and i are taking a marriage and family class put on by our stake, and we are really enjoying it. nathan was totally against the idea at first, but agreed it to appease me. he is a really good man, and i find myself even more grateful for him as i learn about other couples, and remember that we have a pretty dang good thing going!! yay!