Friday, February 5, 2010

renting fun

rebekah at rachel at the walmart playroom. with caleb in the background.
ok, this post is backwards. the pictures are at the top. sorry. we went to the snow over civil rights day, and had a blast with friends. we were the only family with actual snow clothes, so everyone else was freezing. we didn't stay too long, but had a good day anyway. it was nice to be out of the heat for a day!! the boys loved sledding though. they would have stayed out there all day!!

christmas eve jammies. they were so dang cute this year!!

so i was not informed on all the joys of renting before i decided to do this. there are crappy appliances, flooring, and cabinets. you don't get to choose the kind of stuff you want, or if it matches your own stuff. but i have learned that there are some up sides to renting as well. there is a landlord that you can call with your honey do list!! when something breaks, instead of adding it to the million things your hubby has to do, you call a number, and a guy comes to look at it! for free! since we have moved in, we have had 2 ceiling fans go out and get replaced, the water softener under the sink spewing water, so that was taken out. we had the back fence blow over and break in a storm, the dishwasher not work, and the stove knobs were crappy. last night the garage door died. when the landlord came over to look at it, he found the the motor had gone out completely. so just in the last few weeks, he has fixed the fence and stove, had the dishwasher cleaned, and now the garage door. all i can say is......I DON"T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!!!!!!! that is the upside i have found to renting. on to pictures