Monday, May 23, 2011

concert, messes, and sick!!

again, these are backwards, so i will describe it all backwards!! after rebekah's first concert. she did great, and i loved singing with her onstage!! there are too many people for the adults to be onstage with the kids, but we were down in the audience, so i could see her singing her little heart out!
rebekah in her cute little choir outfit. she is such a doll!! her hair was curled by my friend, and stayed curly even for another day!!
my sister, tat and i. i always seem to look weird in pictures. not sure what it is......
trying to pose on my "skinny" side
my curls from the back.
walking up to the ikeda theater. so excited!!
rachel joined a swim lessons class for tiny kids. she loves it, and even moved up to the next level after 2 weeks. i never knew starting them young was so awesome! she is just thriving in there!!
after sleeping in foam curlers, here is rebekah
both girls from the back
rachel thought she needed some curlers too. i only had hair for about 4, to rebekah's 20. they were very cute though!!
so thursday, i started getting a tickle in my throat, and it didn't take long for my body to decide it was at war. i woke up saturday, the day of our big Collin Raye concert, with a barely audible voice, and really hurting when i did try to talk. i preserved my voice the best i could until the concert, and was able to sing a little bit for the first concert. by the second one, my voice was completely shot, and i snuck cough drops in my folder. i sucked on 5 of them throughout the hour and a half of the concert. i only coughed a few times, then went home and collapsed. sunday i was wasted, and didn't get up in time for church. i slept until almost 11, then took a nap at 2. nathan didn't sleep well either, so he came upstairs to sleep with me, and left colby in charge. normally, he does a great job keeping everyone out of trouble. not so with this day. he got caught up in the imaginary world he was in, and rachel got into some serious mischief. i'm not sure which came first, but she put a roll of tp in the bathroom sink, and left the water on. flooded the floor and outside carpet with inches of water, and little floating bits of tp. also, she got out the comet powder and dumped a lot of it on the kitchen floor. i guess she thought she was cleaning. i swept the whole floor of all the dry powder, but she had sprayed windex and bathroom cleaner on it too, so had to mop several times to get all the residue up. i guess that's what happens with a 9 year old is left in charge of a crazy girl named rachel!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mom and Dad

After church on Sunday I took the kids over to see my parents. Here is Colby and my momHere is the rest of the kids with her.
and here they are with my Dad. He is always in his office when we come over, so we have to go in there to see him!! With a computer and his own tv, who can blame him? :)
I was trying to get cute pics of the kids, and this is what they gave me! little Toads!!!
My new dress. I got it for Kirsten's wedding, but had to see how comfortable and resilient it was first. And I got new shoes, which I love. Not sure if they go together well though....
Today I went to see a new guy for my headaches and back and everything. I went to his office, way out in Phoenix. Right away, it was different. There weren't six people waiting to get in, and he spent over a half hour with me. He did a minor examination, and listed off some problems I have that I hadn't even told him were bothering me. He gave me explanations for my headaches, back pain, neck and shoulders, all that has ailed me for so long. I was worked on for a while, and left feeling so much better I couldn't believe it. I have had a sharp pain in my low back that no doctor has been able to touch. Chiropractors, massage, anything. When I would sit down to drive, it would just feel like a knife was sitting in my back. Driving home was the first time in over a year that it didn't bother me!! Now all day, I keep waiting for it to come back. It hasn't!! But I do feel like I ran a marathon, all my muscles are SORE!!! Hopefully the exercises he told me to do will help, and I can finally have some relief. That is my deepest wish!!