Monday, April 25, 2011

great fun

Rachel is constantly asking where Grandpa is, or if she can go to his house. Nearly every day, he comes in our backyard to work on something. At the moment, we have a sea-doo, a boat, and an old pick up truck in there. Not to mention all the yard work he does for us when he can't stand it anymore! Rachel sees him back there, and flips the lock on our sliding glass door, and runs out to see him. Barefoot, through the rocks. She doesn't care. Anything to give her grandpa a hug. She loves him and has such a connection with him!!
The kids dyeing easter eggs. Rachel thought it was the best, to plop her egg in the dye, and splash it all over. Good thing I have a vinyl tablecloth on the table! They had a blast with the eggs this year.
After a few weeks ago's fiasco of getting white nailposlish all over herself, I thought we could soak her and get it to come off. No such luck. Although she really enjoyed splashing everywhere. A little big for the sink? NAH!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The kids at play

I did not sleep very well last night, so while I was taking a nap, this is what Rachel did. It may look like lotion, but it white nail polish. The really strong kind that is stubborn and does not want to come off of the couch!!
Or off of Rachel's skin. Her nails are all gorgeous, but her legs and arms, not so much.
Last weekend, we went to Prescott for Mark and Heidi's baby's blessing. Here is Rebekah holding baby Matthias. We all loved to hold him, and marveled at what a beautiful baby he is! They did a good job with him. Makes me want another.....almost!!
When we came back from Vegas, Heather suggested this group to contact and see about the lice removal. She had it for almost 2 months. We could not get rid of the stupid eggs. She didn't like having her hair brushed and examined like it needed to be. So I bit the bullet and made an appointment with Hair Angels. It worked!! After her one treatment, it is gone. Thank the heavens!!!
And here is the wonderful machine. Kind of a glorified hair dryer. It dries out the eggs and the live ones, and you just have to comb them out after. No more hatching eggs!!
We went to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, but the sun was in the kids eyes. The actual factory wasn't going either, something about the demand not warranting it at all times. It was still cool to see where the magic WOULD happen though!

we went to Heather's for Spring Break this year, and got to go with them to Chuck E. Cheese. The kids loved it. Rachel has her battle scars, as usual.

Heather and Taryn. I can't believe how long that baby girl's hair is!! She is not a baby anymore!!