Monday, August 16, 2010

school days again

so my little man caleb started school this year. official school anyway. he is a kindergartener. i had debated many times back and forth if i should start him or not, since his birthday is july 13, he barely makes the cutoff. first, i was thinking, well, he's 5, of course you start him!! then, oh no, he's so little and immature!! then back, and forth a hundred times. well, i finally decided that i would start him. they offer all day kinder, and if he was doing horribly, i would pull him back to half day. seems like a good plan, right? so the big day is coming, and he is not happy about it. you ask him about it, and he hangs his head, talking about the mean teachers, and how he will miss being home and watching tv and all of it. the night before, i get no sleep, but he wakes up happy and energized, and so excited, i am shocked!! he gets dressed early, no arguing that i am making him a "cute" shirt! his backpack is packed and ready to go, and he is asking if it is time to go for an hour!! finally, we take a few pictures, and go. he runs out of the car, without a backward glance! success!!

a few days later, still going strong, i get a phone call from the teacher. oh no, a phone call!! what has he done already to warrant a dreaded phone call?? i don't actually answer it, but listen to the message later. she tells me how great he is doing, and what a joy he is to have in class!! she actually tells me i made the right choice putting him in this year!!! that is music to my ears!! i was just thrilled!

and colby and rebekah are happy with their teachers. they both have friends from the ward in their classes, so they are doing well and making friends. this has been a good year so far for them. and i am very grateful for that. they were all nervous switching to a different school. and i was nervous for them. but now we are less than a mile away from the school, so once it cools off, we can walk!! yahoo!!