Monday, April 19, 2010

Learnings in frustration

Yet another wonderful post by Nate allowing us all to meander down the dismal path that has become my education/career.
For those who need a recap...
I spent the greater part of the 2000's in that wonderful prison I like to call school. I love learning, I just deplore school, but I digress.... anyway... Here is why I attended school.
I have been running a trucking business that keeps our family alive. I hate the trucking business. Dont get me wrong, its nice to set your hours, be your own boss, blah blah blah.... here is the other side. When you own your own business you are last to get paid, and in trucking that always means underpaid. Trucks run 24/7 which means you are never ever not at work. 1 am calls telling you a truck has broke down are always a special treat.
Continuing, trucking doesnt attract the most intelligent of folks either, and my contracts are with the post office, which seems to be some modern day ambrosia for morons, dingbats, screwups, suckups, and every other detestable scum that never learned to use their brain so they went to the ole government to secure their future at wages they dont deserve for labor they dont provide. I grew tired of this daily rigmarole and wanted to have a better life for me an my family. So, in 2001 decided to try and get my business degree.
In 2007 I finally achieved my goal. I graduated with a degree in business management from the University of Phoenix (the only school I could attend with my schedule), severely in debt from student loans but believing I had finally secured my future......WRONG!!!!!!
Turns out a business degree is worthless without some sort of specialization. How do I know this you might say? Years of interviews with company big wigs who were kind enough, and at the same time complete a@#holes, told me my degree was worthless without more education. What to do, what to do?
Computers my mind said, you love networking (from a brief spell with an IT company that my bro in law was kind enough to arrange...long story), why not get some certifications in something you enjoy, get entry level work somewhere, and earn your way up with your degree and certifications together. Sounds awesome on paper, eh? NOPE!!
I spent another 8 months, and a considerable amount of cash, getting Network+ and CCNA certified. Here is the gist of a conversation I had today with Adecco, a temp placement firm known internationally. This person will now be referred to as dingbat, or db for short.
Me: Im looking to try and find job placement. I have a business degree and a few computer certifications that I have recently earned.
DB: Do you have any experience with either?
Me: Yes I have a trucking company which I have operated since I was 18, and I have a little experience with Novell, a major computer company.
DB: Well, since you dont have any experience we cant help you. Recent certifications are really worthless. Companies want employees with experience, so come back when you get some.
Me: Do you not see the catch 22 here? You want experience, and certifications, but are unwilling to let anyone with certifications try to gain experience. How are you supposed to get "years" of experience.....?
Dingbat didnt have an answer, he just shuffled me off with some remark about leaving my resume with their hr team.
So, a summary is in order I think.
Bachelors degree cost $30,000...yup UOP is a financial blackhole from which there is no return
2 computer Certifications cost $5000
Total value to the rest of the world $0
Having to still drive a mind numbing truck for the rest of your life....priceless

I really hate this world and am going to grab a Dr Pepper and a lawn chair and watch the fireworks with elations of ecstasy and tears of joy in my eyes when it finally goes down in flames.
Have a nice day

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

scared to absolute death!!

ok, so i don't know if you can see just how scary these roads are by this picture, but i, who have barely ever driven on a curvy road in my life, was scared to death!! i drove my kids to school like any normal day, then found out that the family wanted me to pull them out, and have them join us for the day of fun and adventure. so i rushed home to put on tennis shoes and pack lunch, and went to the school to grab the kids (where they had been for an hour). they were so excited, and when colby heard that we had to get off on the idaho exit, he thought we were taking a plane to idaho. it was very cute. but no, just driving. i didn't realize what my lovely father in law had in store for me. he told me there would be some windy roads and maybe it would be a turn off of a dirt road for a while. a few weeks ago, we took a camping trip, where we detoured for a few miles of off roading on a dirt road. this is what i envisioned. I WAS WAY OFF!!! basically, i was on the freeway a little past where i know it, then off into lala land for a long time, then the paving drops off, and it is dirt road for what seems like hours. the dirt road i don't mind so much. it is the winding switchbacks up and down mountains and the teeny road hugging the side of the cliff. there were times when a car was coming the opposite direction, and you have to pull over to let them pass!! that is just plain scary!! after an eternity of driving, and perspiring through inches of my shirt, we made it the roosevelt lake dam. we got out, and john reminisced about the mail route, and where he used to drive. when i saw him, i slapped his arm back and forth for what he put me through!! sandy knew my fear though, and gave him a good talking to during the drive, which made me feel better. i complained a lot, but it was a gorgeous drive. i just felt very unprepared, and more than a little ticked at john for not telling me what i was in for!!

here is a picture of the kids standing in front of the ancient cliff dwelling. isn't it cool? i hiked up there, was too winded to stand in the picture! i am way pathetic, i know!! thank goodness the drive home was much faster and on a paved road, much less scary!!