Monday, April 16, 2012

so behind!!!

holy moly, i didn't realize how long it had been since i had updated my blog, or even read other people's!! having facebook and email on my phone limits what i need to do on the computer. i really only get on it to do schoolwork and balance my checkbook. sorry guys, i am a slacker! so for those who don't read facebook or see me a lot, i am PREGNANT!!! if you are shocked, imagine how i felt!! it just couldn't be more ironic, since nathan was on track to do something permanent to prevent future "accidents". i had had problems with every form of birth control over the last few years, so we finally decided we were done with it all. the day before he was scheduled, i was talking to a friend, and realized i couldn't remember my last cycle. that is not good!! i kinda freaked out a little, but figured nothing could really be going on. i had to get a prescription, so i picked up a test while i was there. i came home, and ran upstairs to take the test. normally, i track so closely, that i am only a few weeks when i take a test, and it takes a while to creep across and get to the result. this time, it literally zoomed across, flashing a big dark plus sign!! i about died! this was not planned or expected. we have donated or sold everything needed for a pregnancy or baby. i have one box of a few maternity clothes that i was keeping to sell, since they were the cute ones (thank you heather!!), and that is all i have. i had lost the last few pounds over the last couple of months, so at least i have a few things that are bigger to wear. i was not sick for the first week, and very optimistic. sadly, hitting six weeks meant getting sick. not horribly, just enough to remind me to eat a lot, and not chocolate!! (which makes me so sad!! i love chocolate!!!) i am trying to figure out what to do now, since choir starts back up in august, and our concert is the week of my due date!! do i continue with choir, even though i will most likely have to drop? or do i drop now as a preventative measure? i am really torn. i love the choir, and the amazing music and people. but i was on bed rest with the last 2 pregnancies by 23 weeks. i don't want to jeopardize my health, or the baby's. also, i will be done with school in 3 weeks, finally getting my associates degree in general studies. it only took 12 years! :) well, that is our crazy life!!