Tuesday, February 24, 2009

our kids are weirdos

i turn my back for 2 seconds to put away the bowls, and this is what i see when i look again! this silly girl loves to play in the dishwasher, but this was the first time she actually climbed in! i have a pic of caleb doing this too. silly kids.
"i'm so innocent"
here is miss rachel taking a few steps. how cute is she??? i glued a teeny bow on her head, she can't tell it's there, so doesn't pull it off!!
the girls ready for church. think the bow is too much?? i made it, and kinda went overboard. she pulled it off directly after the pic was taken
this little twerp won't sit down in her chair correctly to eat her food, but is more than happy to eat standing backwards in it!!
colby sharing his ice cream with rachel. she is just like her mommy and LOVES ice cream!!
feed me MORE!!
and on a side note, rachel doesn't have rsv, but definitely has pneumonia. and can i say my plan backfired on me today. caleb wasn't cleaning up the pretzels he dumped all over the living room, so i asked him if i should throw away his toys. he said yes. thinking he wasn't getting it, i asked if i should throw away his new christmas train. he said yes again, and proceeded to go to the front room and get pieces of it, and PUT THEM IN THE TRASH! this was not what i was hoping for, and got them out before they sunk too far into the goo. i put them on a shelf, and tried a different tactic. i guess the moral is that if you threaten to throw something away, it better be something YOU don't mind getting tossed too!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

nathan's tears

can i say cheesy grin??
don't i look overjoyed? it's hard to take a picture of yourself!! and get the angle right so you don't look like a freak....
i told nathan to please get my hair, not the boobs!!

ok, this is the reason for nathan's tears. i got it into my crazy head a few days ago to cut my hair, and...i actually did it today!! i cut 10 inches off in a ponytail, and am donating it to locks of love. then it was trimmed and styled. i think i lost a foot of hair today! how crazy is that. so, what do you all think?? thinned out and straightened is much better than what it was when i left today!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i don't have any fun pictures to post, but rest assured that it was a picture worthy event. for those of you who haven't figured it out, rachel has been sick with a cough and thick nasty runny nose for over 3 months now. we've done 2 rounds of antibiotics, and nothing has kicked it. yesterday i had had enough, and went to see the doc again. he listens to her, and says she doesn't sound too bad, but orders a chest x-ray just to make sure there isn't anything else going on. he checks her ears and throat, and says she looks ok everywhere but the nose. orders another round of antibiotics, and sends us on our way. (after a 2 hour wait i might add!) so today i call the place to schedule the x-ray, and they say they can't do it, they don't have the needed restraints (?). i say, ok, and we set up another place that can do it. i go down there, and don't have to wait too long before being called back to see the tech. i go in, and they ask if i've seen this contraption before. i say no, and the guy says, sorry, it's a little barbaric. that is very comforting, i must say!! basically, it's a plastic cage that they pull tight around the little body, while she sits of a little seat, and i hold her arms over her head. the minute she sees that she is being lowered to this thing, she starts wailing, and doesn't stop the whole time. they get a picture of her from the back, then rotate the device to get a side shot. thank heaven they only had to do one of each, and she was freed from her prison. i got her out of there, and headed out. i was thinking it would probably be a few days before i heard anything, so imagine my surprise when less than 4 hours later, i get a call from the doc. i think, this can't be good....
it's not. he tells me there are infiltrates on her lower left lobe. thanks to my sister in law, who is well versed in all things medical, it means that there is a cloudy portion on the x-ray where it should just be clear. meaning an infection of some kind. now, it is just a waiting game to see whether the rsv test comes out positive, or if it is pnemonia. either way, she was started on augmentin yesterday, so hopefully the 3rd time's the charm!! keep us in your prayers!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

little warrior

here she is waving to us in the stands
walking out with the other girls
waiting patiently to go on, what a happy girl!!
i love that big grin she has!!

rebekah is an official "little warrior" now. the girls in the neighborhood all got to participate in a little cheerleading camp this week. saturday they got to learn the routine, and tonight they got to perform the half time show at the basketball game. they had matching shirts and hair ribbons, which she insists on wearing to school tomorrow. it was the cutest thing i have seen in a long time. they had the little girls all lined up in rows across the whole gym floor, with the cheerleaders on the sides and in front to show them what to do. rebekah was a little behind on some of the moves, but she was awesome out there!! i was laughing so hard at the faces she was making, and watching her shake that little body of hers. it was great!! so here's to our new little westwood warrior!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

7th folder 7th picture

Heather did this on her blog and doesnt feel like tagging is nice. As her brother I quite agree, we all have enough to do without everyone jumping up from the endless concourses of blogger pews and shouting "tag". However, I thought it would be interesting to see what our picture was and this is it. This is when we were in Utah, its so beautiful ther...but I digress....Rebekah absolutely loves to play mom. She walks around with Rachel on her hip all the time, in spite of our shouts to put her down. In this picture, Caleb is being wrangled by Rebekah, he was trying with all his might to escape, she was trying to hold an hug him as much as possible, and Marne just sat there taking pictures. We've got loads of them in this scenerio. I LOVE his eyes. They are huge and so blue it just leaves me in awe. He has this mingled look of "SAVE ME" and "Wow. Whats the flashy thing moms holding?" He's almost cross eyed her.....thats my little dude.