Wednesday, September 30, 2009

too much!!

wow, there are a lot of things going on around here!! the older kids both had their birthdays, so we had seperate family parties, and a together, friends party. rebekah got a cabbage patch doll, and rachel loves it. here she is putting on the shorts and undies from the poor doll!!

rachel coloring on the sidewalk with chalk, and rebekah drawing in her new journal

rebekah's new bike, that is a little too big, but she loves anyway!!

rachel and her pony tails that barely have any hair!!

yummy, corn on the cob!!

i was so sick and miserable for colby's birthday, poor kid. here i am trying not to die while he opens presents. thanks everyone!!

such a big girl, eating cereal!!

boogie rachel, boogie

rachel has learned that when we sit down to watch our new favorite show, the big bang theory, it is her cue to dance! she absolutely loves the opening song, and comes running from wherever she is in the house to come watch it. i've gotten videos of it before, but this is way better than any of those. the quality isn't very good, but you get the gist. this girl can boogie!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

september silliness

dad and the kids snuggling in bed, watching teen titans, their new favorite show. they get a new show they like, and pretend they are the characters. for the next few days, i was woken up being asked, who is the green guy, what is the girl's name?? thanks dad!!

the kids are in a music class, called let's play music. it is a 3 year program, and to make things easier, they all started this year. they are learning the scale, hand signs for each note, rhythms and lots more. they love it. here is caleb practicing on his bells for class.

and our new favorite pasttime is my new wii game, the american idol karaoki edition. my sisters and i play it, and here, we actually got nathan to join in! he did well, despite telling us repeatedly that he couldn't sing. simon does not agree!! although, i did win most of the rounds..... it is awesome to be critiqued by paula, she loves everything you do!! i will be auditioning for a real person this week, let's hope they like me as much as she does! wish me luck!