Thursday, June 14, 2012

summer news

We moved!! For those of you that didn't know, we moved into our new house on Memorial Day, which was just over 2 weeks ago. It is off of Crismon and Guadalupe, much closer to work for Nathan. It is a perfect little house for us, with just the right sized rooms and layout. The only problem is the lack of storage space. The girls bedroom is huge, so I naturally assumed it would have the toys in it, and everything would be lovely. When we hastily came looking through the house, I didn't realize that the closet in there was teeny tiny!! It barely holds the girls clothes and a few boxes of too big clothes for rachel!! The boys room is tiny, with their beds being up against each other in a t shape. There is no room for anything else in there. The dressers take up the rest of the room! They have a good sized closet, and have some toy buckets in there and under their beds, but the telescope takes up half the closet. Needless to say, there are toys all over the living room most of the time. Cleaning up means shoving everything in one of the 3 small laundry baskets and pushing them in a corner. We will figure it out eventually. There are still several boxes of toys in the garage I haven't even brought in, and hope to keep it that way. If I can hold the kids off for the summer, once they are all in school, I can slowly get rid of them without them even knowing!! I cannot stand to live in a house with no pictures up, so after unpacking, that is the first thing I do. I think I have all the pictures up now, and it feels much more homey. Like we actually live here!!

The kids are not in any summer programs, and have no structure at all. They spend the day alternately playing computer or wii games, and playing crazy imaginative games with the toys we do have in the house. Caleb and Rachel play quite well together, and Colby and Rebekah have friends next door they play with. Overall, everyone seems happy. Colby has been going to scouts, and Rebekah to achievement days, so they are included in the activities and making more friends.

Our newest news is that Colby got glasses yesterday!! He has been getting headaches for a year or so now, and when I took him in at the beginning, he didn't need glasses. When I took him in last week, he most definitely did!! He picked out the ones he liked, which happened to be the second pair he tried on. Boys. They came in yesterday, and he is very happy to be able to see clearly!! He keeps lifting them up and saying, can't see, then back down, and can. He is funny. He has adjusted to them with no problem, and everyone seems happy with our new, ultra cool, nerdy boy!! :) He has a few friends that have had glasses for a while, and he has joined the club now. They seem excited to have another friend in glasses.

Also, I took the kids all in for their dental cleaning and x-rays. They all need work done!! Rachel has 2 cavities to fill, Caleb a tooth to pull and put a spacer in, Rebekah a tooth to put a crown on that has chipped, and another to seal, and Colby one to pull and another to fill. Colby and Rebekah are going to the orthodontist next week to see about the major crowding and funny teeth, and see if they need braces. Yay for them!!

I am working hard toward getting my life license, and being able to earn commissions off of the work I am doing. I am working with Primerica, and really believe in the principles we teach about getting the financial house in order and being properly protected, debt free, and financially independent. We had a kick off meeting last night for a new debt program we are implementing, and how much money it could save clients. I am super excited to get out there and help people who are struggling like we are.

So, that is our life this week. Sorry to bore you with so much information!!