Thursday, April 23, 2009

spring sing and fun

the quality of this pic didn't end up so good, but this is rachel today, and rebekah at 6 months. they were in the same outfit, so i thought it would be fun to compare. think they look alike??

colby was in the spring sing at school wednesday night. dad had to help grandpa with a blown tire in phoenix, so i got to bring the kiddos to the concert by myself. it was very entertaining. rachel just wanted to go up and down the stairs next to our seats, and only fell twice. (with bumps to prove it!!) she was so cute though, she had everyone around us oohing and aahing over her. and she milks it too, flashing that grin and baby blues at them!! we are in for it with this one!!

and then, we took some more pics of the kids in their spiffy duds sunday. i can't resist, they are so cute!! aren't the boys handsome??

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new easter duds

i was really into matching outfits this year. it is the first time i have found all the clothes to match the different sizes that the kiddos are. the boys are looking sharp in their black shirts, and cool pinstripe pants and ties. it was very fun to dress them up this year! and the girls were in these fun dresses. rebekah's even came with the cute little purple shrug to match. who could ask for more from walmart??

i think i have some pretty cute little munchkins!!

eggs and silly kids

these are my silly kids. caleb and rebekah dyeing easter eggs with their cousins, and having a blast.

colby and caleb got the same shirt at disneyland, and here they are sporting them with their matching camo shorts. aren't matching kids so fun??

Saturday, April 4, 2009

disney vacation

so the genius that i am, i brought our camera to disneyland in the car, but never got it out!! so the only pics i have are in the car on the way home. sorry guys. there are some very cool pics to come of the whole crew that was there. we paid a bunch to have the little camera people take our pics together a few times. so those pics will be posted in a while.

ok, back to these. colby and rebekah got very tired after taking dramamine, which keeps them from getting sick. so here they are getting sleepy. and kinda funny looking!!

then there is caleb looking cool in his sunglasses (which he likes to wear upside down!!). he is a cute kid, isn't he? and the biggest thing in our lives right now.....caleb is POTTY TRAINED!! he did not have one accident the whole trip, or since. i am so happy to have one less smelly bum to change!! now it is just no big deal to him. what an awesome kid. and as a reward, he could pick anything he wanted to get at the store. know what he chose?? a blue TOOTHBRUSH!!! yes, my son is a nerd! i tried to get him to pick out a bike too, but he is in between the sizes, so didn't feel comfortable on either. we'll try again later. he had fun playing with tinker toys at our friend's house (thanks marie!!), so i have tried to find them everywhere. not at walmart or target, or at costco where she got hers. (they are a seasonal item, whatever!!) so we are still looking for something really cool to show how proud we are of him.

and then rachel. she stopped eating baby food a few weeks ago, and hasn't quite figured out what she can eat now. so most of the vacation, she was crying or whining. it was very stressful, and wore on us all. she enjoys smooshing up her food too much to actually stop and eat it. it was very frustrating that she wasted all of her good food and it was all over her clothes all the time! and she just wanted to walk around, which wasn't possible with us on the run all the time. as much as we could, we let her down, but it wasn't enough for her to be happy with. we had a wonderful time, but are very glad to be back!!
miss rebekah loved the rides, and cried when she was too short for one of them. she does things i wouldn't dream of, and loves it. colby is more like me, cautious and not too sure about the crazy rides. and caleb really liked the whinnie the pooh and buzz lightyear rides. those were more his speed. i enjoyed space and splash mountain, and grizzly rapids and soaring over california the best. it was a very fun time, but the food is so expensive. even with backpacks of snacks, you still have to buy lunch and dinner. blah!!

and this little darling took my cell phone while i was texting, and started walking away with it. i turned to talk to caleb, and turned back to her and colby looking down at the pier in the water!! we were waiting for everyone to get off a crazy ride, and had to have someone else ask a worker if we could get it. no, they didn't want us to jump in the water and get it, so it is still there. mocking me where i can see it, but not get it. and now it has been long enough in the water, that it is most likely ruined anyway. it makes me very sad, i have only had it for less than 6 weeks!! such rotten phone luck!!