Wednesday, May 26, 2010


rachel had her surgery on monday the 17th, and it was quite the rough day for us. first, we woke up at 5 to get the hospital by 530. rachel was taken away around 7 to start the fun of ivs and knock out drugs. also at 7, the dealership opened, and in case you hadn't heard, our car wouldn't start and needed to be towed there!! so right after she got taken away, nathan left to go meet the tow truck and unlock the car and get out important stuff in it. meanwhile, rachel came out of surgery and was mad as a hornet!! she is a very strong girl, and no amount of mommy love, rocking, holding or singing was making her one bit happy. she would semi fall asleep, but only for a minute, and was mad again. it took quite a while to calm her down, but once we did, she slept for a good long while. thank goodness! waking up from that sleeping drug is not fun for her, apparently!! poor girl! then we were transferred upstairs to her room. nathan started complaining that he wasn't feeling well, getting a headache and more and more nauseated. i am sorry to say that i wasn't as sympathetic as i could have been. both of us get headaches a lot, so i figured, take your meds, get a nap, and you'll be fine. not so much. it was a rough afternoon for both of us, i was at the hospital with rachel, and he was home with the kiddos, feeling sicker and sicker. neither of us realized he was actually getting the flu, until both he and rebekah were sick in the night!! what a way to spend the night! i had a rough night with rachel, barely getting much sleep between her and the nurses that checked on her. then, the next morning, i started feeling sicker and sicker. the playroom was having a music class and offered to have one of their volunteers take her. i rested for the whole 45 min! it was heaven!!
by that evening, i was miserable, and nathan and rebekah were better, thank goodness. their bug only lasted about a day, while mine lingered on, and even turned into vertigo!! rachel came home tues night, and has been fighting us on taking her meds, even though they make such a difference on how she feels! i will never understand it. well, thursday i was still sick so nathan and his dad picked up our car from the shop, where they insist nothing was wrong with it!! i don't understand that either. but i guess you be grateful it wasn't something major, right?
but it was my mandatory rehearsal for the choir concert the next night, and i couldn't make it. i couldn't stand up, let alone stand and sing. so my sister tat, who is in it with me, asked them to make an exception for me. i was given a blessing, and able to feel well enough to practice and perform on friday. it was one of the hardest weeks of my life!! but an awesome concert! thank goodness we are feeling better around here. it was rough!
oh, and on a lighter note, yesterday at school, my gorgeous rebekah CUT HER HAIR!!!! i guess she was trying to go for some bangs or something, but she looks funny!! i will post pics as soon as camera charges!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

days gone by

rachel finally learned how to put a pot on her head. it is very cute, and difficult for her to fit her head inside!! :)

this is their music class, which is a 3 year lesson plan, at the end of which, they should be able to compose their own music, and play at an intermediate level. i was so proud of caleb for participating, and they all did so great!!

rachel in the doctor's office, who finally decided that she was in fact sick enough to have her tonsils and adnoids out (which will be done tomorrow morning, wish us luck!!) she actually had to have an x-ray done of her sinuses which showed how her chronic sinus infections had done damage, and showed up in her x-rays. poor thing.