Sunday, February 26, 2012

random musings number 2

as you all know, that are acquainted with me at all, i am in pain a lot. i have irritable bowel, go to the chiro all the time, get a massage as often as i can afford, have headaches, dizziness, extreme fatigue at random intervals, and a few other things. well, as you also know, facebook is a good place to whine about all these things. i did so, and have for a long time. i have a friend, the mother of my kids friends, that has read these things. she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago. upon further investigation, she added things up and told me about all of the things she had learned. then she gave me the shock of my life. she thinks i have it too.
now, if you are like i was, i had only heard of it as a catch all for random pains and unexplained symptoms. i was very unconvinced because i didn't fit the mental picture of that sickly of a person.
i was given a book by this friend that has totally changed my life. i have read the book from cover to cover, and have found myself described on its pages. i didn't realize that all of my wacky symptoms could possibly be related to each other. nathan even agrees with me after just the few things i told him to read. i actually have watched mystery diagnosis for several years, hoping that i would find something that fit with all of the things that bothered me. i never did, and had long since given up hope. i was improving with the dizziness for a few months, but the last 2 months, it has come back. i am just now coming to functionality after a full three days in bed. this book, and it's information has given me hope again for the first time in years. it has brought things to memory that i had forgotten from my childhood, and the way i used to feel. i have a diagnosis, pending all the labs that i had done showing up normal. they always have in the past, so i am not worried about this time being any different. and the better part, not just a diagnosis, but a treatment!! according to this book, guaifinisen, or however you spell it, is the treatment. it reverses all of the storage of the phosphates, which causes the symptoms. so, i am pretty nervous about the whole reversal process, going through all of the misery again. but hopefully, this time, it will be for a purpose, and then, they will be gone forever!!