Saturday, November 28, 2009

new family pics by dave

hey everyone, it's that time of year again. time to have our family pictures done and show off our beautiful family to everyone!!! here they are. colby is 8, rebekah 6, caleb 4, and rachel just shy of 18 months. yahoo. where does the time go?? sheesh!!

thanks to dave, for taking our pictures for us, on such short notice, and even doing a little touch up work on them for us. we really appreciate his expertise in this area, and letting us benefit from it!! :)

it has been a great thanksgiving weekend. kris and heather and their families have been down since sunday, and we have been having a very fun time. we haven't done anything super exciting, just enjoying spending time together. and a big thank you goes out to all the crowther girls for entertaining my kids and heathers. thanks to jenna, kellie, alissa, and katie!! we love you, and the kids love you. it has been a good chance to get to know these wonderful girls better. i keep telling kris that she can loan me one every month or so!! it makes such a difference to have older and helpful kids around!!

nathan's birthday is today, so i want to say how grateful i am to have him in my life, and that we can be together as still like each other!! he is truly my other half, and i love him more every day. thanks for being my best friend and love of my life!!

right now we are having a tailgate party watching the byu game. have a good weekend everyone!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

time really flies

ok, per heather's request, i am officially back to the posting world. although i really don't think that anyone else cares!! for those who don't know, we were asked, not so nicely, to vacate our home, and we had less than a week to do it in. we were told on saturday, found house on tues, and moved sat, mon and tues. we were officially in on wednesday, when the tv was turned on!! :) it's been a crazy, rollercoaster of a month so far. we didn't have enough time to prepare and pack properly, so basically everything was thrown together into the nearest box if we wanted to keep it. this eliminated a lot of clutter, but the stuff i thought we would sell or donate, ultimately ended up in the dump with all the rest of the excess. we were told that the house was fine, but the yard needed to be completely cleaned up. if it wasn't nailed down, it had to go. so another 2 hours and a few meltdowns after we thought we were done, we actually were done.

so now we are in our new house. it is almost half the size of the previous one, but does have a pool and little grass area with a side porch for the kids to run around on. they have a toy room, and were able to bring their beds, which is all they cared about. kids are amazingly resilient!! we are back in my old stomping ground now, my elementary school is literally around the corner. it's a little crazy being back in the old ward, but enough people have moved in and out that it is a very different place. hopefully we will fit in soon. the kids have a hard time not knowing all the neighbors and having many places to run. but they will live, i'm sure. we are all very blessed, and we just keep reminding ourselves all the time of that fact!! nathan's work is less than 3 miles away, and as long as the car runs, the kids school is less than 10. so we are happy.

i just tried to get new pictures with my camera, and it is black!! aah!! i will cry if it is broken!!