Wednesday, December 29, 2010

new family pics of all

rachel with such personality!!

caleb with his blue eyes and dark skin is gonna be a heartbreaker!!

colby is growing up, and so handsome

the whole family posing. can you tell the sun was in our eyes? :)

rebekah had strep throat when we got these taken, i just didn't know it until after. she had her arms folded and said she was cold the whole time, but genius me didn't put it together until the next day when she had a fever. she is still gorgeous, but we retook her individual pics later. here they are.

i love this one of our backs. it is really cool looking!

nathan and i. he really is quite the handsome man, with the clean-shaven look.

and here is the whole fam. caleb his tonsils and adnoids out just a few days earlier, but you can't tell. that kid is tough!!

my beauty girls

handsome boys

Friday, December 17, 2010

winter sing

last night was the school program, that they call the winter sing. caleb couldn't be in it, because he had his tonsils and adnoids out on wednesday. poor kid! but he is taking it like a trooper, and is barely taking any pain medicine. only when we force him to!

here is rebekah's class getting ready to sing

colby getting his snazzy tie tied by dad

colby posing for the camera after a great performance.

rebekah ready to go sing
and videos of each awesome kid. i am proud of them, and all of their hard work!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

new fun

i always post the pics in backwards order from the time they actually happened!!

here we are chilling between concerts. we didn't have a whole lot of time to relax, but when we did, we sprawled out on the floor to munch. it was very nice!! our concert was a great success, selling out the hall for both performances. i loved performing again, and it is so fun to be a part of such a cool organization. our next concert is march 5, where we are doing an original oratorio premiered here that is composed by one of our amazing directors, brett stewart.
here is tat and i in the car before our concert
colby got his wolf award for scouts, and had to search for beef jerky all over the room. it was pretty funny to see him wandering around looking clueless!! he found it behind the books though!!
nathan had his birthday on the 28th, but we celebrated early to spend it with family.
rachel still just worships caleb, and was climbing all over him. this is the only shot where you can see both of their faces!!
i can't believe how fast time is flying by. i am actually done with my christmas shopping though, so that is a huge relief. and i am managing to keep the house and kids mostly clean, despite the debilitating dizziness and headaches that seem to follow me everywhere i go!! at least they don't last as long's hoping!!