Saturday, March 28, 2009

spring break fun

this doesn't capture it well enough, but we have a crazy girl. she loves to carry around this particular pair of pjs. she gets a grin all the way up to her eyes, and runs away with them clutched in her hot little hand. last week, cousin abby thought that looked like a fun thing to do as well, and they fought tooth and nail over who could drag these around. i was laughing too hard over their antics to even help either one of them. it was hilarious. one would get it and start to run away, but the other would catch up and tug of war would begin. it was great.

and here we have rachel eating a piece of cake. just before i got the camera out, she reached out with both hands to take a big scoop of frosting off the top, and cram it in her mouth. once i was taking pics though, it was just the cake. still cute, but not as funny.

and here is rachel very much enjoying a chocolate cake ball. and for anyone interested, to make them, you make a normal cake (marie added green food coloring for st. patricks day) then smoosh it all up. you press the squashed cake into a ball, like cookie dough, then put it in the fridge to harden a little while. you put them on a stick, and dip them in melted chocolate. very yummy. we kept ours in the freezer for a few hours here as well. i think i liked them more than the kids did, actually. anything with chocolate, right? :)
we had such a fun spring break! thank goodness for our friend marie!! we saw them every other day. one day we went swimming and hung out at her mom's house with a very cool pool and play house for the kids. another, we went to her house to make cake balls (yum!!) and this day, we went swimming at her mom's again, but this time our other friend, chrissy, and her 4 kids were there too. so that made 3 moms, and 12 kids!! it was crazy, but so much fun. after playing at their house for a few hours, we decided to take the whole crew back to our house for dinner and more playing. i made dinner for the ladies (and nathan) and the kids had good old mac and cheese. here they are hamming it up for the camera while they eat their delicious dinner!! :)
colby and hunter
gracie, lucy, and katie
rebekah and her new best friend, isabelle
just having fun and being silly

Friday, March 13, 2009

lady in red

i got this adorable dress at costco yesterday. i couldn't resist! i found these red shoes last week for just a couple bucks, and now we have the perfect dress for them! i think i'm more excited than rachel is though!! they don't have sturdy soles on them, so she has quite a hard time walking in them!! she slips and slides, which is probably mean to do to a girl just learning to walk! she has to learn to walk in shoes sometime, right? :) here she is just after she fell on her caboose....again.
this was one time she actually stood up and stayed there for a minute! she didn't try to move, just stand and hold her balance! :)
falling again!
"i hate these stupid bows and headbands, mom! quit putting them on me!! "
she takes them off immediately when i try to put them on her. she doesn't realize how cute they are, but she is cute enough without them too!
this is one adorable baby girl, now, my lady in red!

Monday, March 2, 2009

keep walking!!

this was too cute not to post. she looked a little like santa claus with the mashed potatoes all over her face!! hehe!!

our little angel learned to really get up and walk this weekend. the past few days she has taken a few steps here and there, and today, it must have clicked. she just took off, and is now wandering all over the house. she is slow and careful, and catches herself to keep from falling. it's so amazing that our little teeny 15 lb baby girl is walking!! she is so little, that we don't really think of her as being physically able to do these things. she sat up at 4 months, crawled at 5, and walked at 8!! what next? graduate high school at 10? sheesh!!! the doctors aren't worried that she is so small, so we don't either, even though colby weighed more than this at 2 months! :) she is such a wonderful little girl, and we can't imagine life without her!!