Monday, September 27, 2010

my colby

ok, so it's been a long time since i have been hit with a vertiginous migraine (the doctor's fancy name for all the misery going on!!) and i was not expecting it when i did. thursday was a normal fun day, but that night, i was hit with a migraine. hard. friday morning i woke up still pounding, and now we got to add the dizzy, head spinning nausea to it. not my idea of fun. i slept off and on all day, not getting out of bed. nathan had to work until after 8, so the kids and i were on our own. colby had pack meeting at 6, so around 5 i asked him if he wanted to go, so i could call someone and set up a ride. his answer brought tears to my eyes. he told me it was his job to take care of me and the other kids, and that was way more important than going to pack meeting. he said, what if caleb and rachel did something they weren't supposed to? or you needed something and couldn't get it. i am going to stay here and make sure everything is ok.

i don't know what i did to deserve such a sweet boy, but i am grateful every day that i have him. he is still a silly kid, that acts like a kid much of the time. but when he needs to be, he really steps up and is the man of the family. i was so proud of him and his willingness to serve his family. he is such a tenderhearted and loving boy, i love him so much!! and now he is 9, and moving from wolves to bears in the cub scout program. he is doing so well in everything he does!! we love you colby!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

accomplishments and birthdays

ok, there have been many accomplishments in the last few days, and i thought i would mention a few of them here. i made this dress yesterday, with minimal mistakes and frustration!! anyone who knows what a hard time i had making rachel's dress, knows that this was HUGE for me! i only had sandy's help once, and that was pinning the zipper in place. i came home and sewed it in, and even did the decorative lace on my own. i am very proud of myself!!

grandma gresko's 60th birthday was on monday, and her being here to share it with us was an accomplishment in and of itself. she has thought her time was coming to an end a few times, but lucky for us, she has been wrong. it was such a blessing to have her still be with us, so we could celebrate her birthday together!! we love you sandy!!!

then we have colby's 9th birthday, and rebekah spinning in her skirt. she likes to twirl.

swimming fun!! rachel and daddy snuggling

rachel, and then caleb.

snuggling mom
and rachel with her hair done and in a cute outfit!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

stitches and school pics

rachel fell off my sister's bunk bed and bit through her bottom lip and had to get stitches.

here she is trying to show it off, but not doing a very good job!!

then her posing with her new picture for the wall.

and colby with his school pic that i took before he went to school for picture day (i'm too cheap to buy a package! )

and rebekah

and caleb

and monica got a ladder for her birthday to reach the super high places in her new house, but has a fear of heights. here she is trying to overcome it!!

at the restaurant for her dinner with the kiddos

taryn and rachel in a basket being entertained by alissa