Friday, March 13, 2009

lady in red

i got this adorable dress at costco yesterday. i couldn't resist! i found these red shoes last week for just a couple bucks, and now we have the perfect dress for them! i think i'm more excited than rachel is though!! they don't have sturdy soles on them, so she has quite a hard time walking in them!! she slips and slides, which is probably mean to do to a girl just learning to walk! she has to learn to walk in shoes sometime, right? :) here she is just after she fell on her caboose....again.
this was one time she actually stood up and stayed there for a minute! she didn't try to move, just stand and hold her balance! :)
falling again!
"i hate these stupid bows and headbands, mom! quit putting them on me!! "
she takes them off immediately when i try to put them on her. she doesn't realize how cute they are, but she is cute enough without them too!
this is one adorable baby girl, now, my lady in red!


Marissa said...

Awe! She is such a doll and looks so much like your other kids.

***LIZ*** said...

I love it when things come together so perfectly and for a good deal, all the better. She looks adorable!

Chrissy Beach said...

She is so cute Marne! I think her skin tone looks good in red. That is how my Isabelle was. I agree with those bows! Abby fights them too but they are cute girls without them!:)So why do we try?!

Marie said...

Oh how cute! Makes me think of the song. Your dancing with me cheek to cheek!

kris said...

Cute cute cute! I love the red dress.

Pugslvr said...

Cute! I love Costco, they have the best clothes for Cheap!

Lori said...

Cute pictures.

I remember you asking a while ago about how to fix the text from posting on the side. Try this:
when you press on the button to upload your pictures, there is a "choose layout" option below where the pictures are being uploaded. Make sure you have checked the "center" button. They have three options:
left, center, or right. Yours must be set on the left so the text is printing to the side of your photos. I had to change mine to the center when I first began posting on my blog. That's the only place where you can change it that I'm aware of.