Sunday, November 21, 2010

we moved!

i don't really have pictures this time, but we have had another big change in our lives. we moved!! we are only about a street away from the old place, but we love it. we now have another almost 1100 sq ft, and all the bedrooms are upstairs. there is even a little room off the living room where i can stash the crafts and sewing projects with my own table!! it is perfect for our family, and i am so very thankful that we were able to find it when we did. my friend was over a few weeks ago, and has an "in" with a realtor they are working with. totally out of the blue, she suggested getting online, and doing a search of the area. now, i had been checking every day for a new place to go up for rent, and hadn't found anything exciting. i was doubtful that she would either. so imagine my surprise when she names the street that the kids school is on!! i run over to look at it, and am floored. it was/is everything we wanted, and had only been up for that day!! i don't believe in coincidences, and this was too perfect to be one anyway. i had just been called as the ward choir director, and here was my answer as to if we were still supposed to be in the area or not. so, jump forward a few weeks, and here we are. moved into our new house, and everything just falling into place. so thank you for answers to prayers.
everyone seems to be making a list of things they are thankful for, so here is mine in no particular order:
1. our new house-room to roam
2. answers to prayers, even silent ones
3. kids, mine and everyone elses
4. friends-enough said, they rock
5. my hubby-he is the greatest man on earth inlaws-some people don't love them!!
7. parents- they put up with a lot over the years
8. sisters (and brother)
9. brothers and sisters in law
10. modern conveniences -ac is my best friend!!
11. good food-sometimes that i make, and others that i buy
12. fast food- sometimes you just have no desire or time to cook
13. restaurants- dates with hubby, and sometimes the kids
14. tv- i love to sit and watch a good show with the fam
15. dvr- i can never go back to commercials
16. music- i love to sing, and listen to good music too
17. the evmco-it is the highlight of my week
18. the gospel - keeping me in line
19. health- i complain a lot about all the little ailments, but it could be a lot worse
20. chocolate-yummy
21. chiropractors and massage- aaahhhh
22. laughter- the cure for what ails you
23. books- i love to read a good romance!
24. the post office- they are idiots, but they are our employment, so i like them
25. temples- sealings, and knowledge that those who have gone before are not gone
26. school- i love that they kids are old enough to be educated all day!!
27. antibiotics and modern medicine- sick kids and hubby would be a lot worse
28. facebook and blogs- we know what is going on with all sorts of people we couldn't otherwise
29. stars- i love to look at the constellations, even though i don't know most of them!
30. the birth, atonement and death of Jesus Christ- because of Him, life isn't hopeless
ok, now it's your turn everyone!


Marie said...

Great list! I am glad it all worked out for you. Now we need the prayers on our behalf that life will work out for us too. I guess it is a growing time for us.

***LIZ*** said...

Yay!! I am so glad things are going well, it sounds like life is good! Can't wait to see the new place, we'll have to stop in this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for more room! It is so hard to find a place with everything you want. Hope it works out great for you guys.

kris said...

What a great list! I'm so glad you've found a home that fits you better, and that it is still close to my dad and your great ward. Can't wait to see it!

Kells said...

wow!!! congrats marne! I cant wait to see it in a month or so!!!