Tuesday, February 22, 2011


These always post in backwards order but here goes. This is Rachel posing on the couch in her oh so cute skirt and shirt. We love her in them!!
and here is Colby riding the scooter in the backyard. He is funny!!
Rachel and Rebekah
Rachel posing with her popsicles. She was very happy to eat them!!
In her dress after church. I had to take a pic of it, because Rebekah wore it not so many years ago!!
We went to Prescott on Saturday to see Mark and Heidi and their new baby. It snowed most of the day! Here is the splatted snowman Nathan made.
And here is Nathan trying really hard to put Mr. Snowman up on our slanted hood!
Heidi and Matthias. Such a sweet boy, almost makes me want another baby! .....almost
Rachel and Daddy hold baby Matty
She really liked holding him, and I did too! Thanks guys for letting us play with you!!


kris said...

I wondered who that baby was when I saw the pics on Facebook. They are sweet :) It makes me laugh how excited you are about the snow. We've had snow nonstop since November - maybe I should mail you some!

Marie said...

Oh sweet baby! Love the little snow man. Isn't nice to not have to deal with snow all the time and get to drive up and play in it. Then we get to go home to nice warm Mesa!

Tony said...

We want to go to Prescott this summer. Maybe we should meet up there some weekend. My plan is to stay out of Phx from May-Sepetember.

sleepinl8 said...

Sooooo cute. Hah, love the "almost" when referring to whether or not to have another baby. Nice blog! Check mine out if you get the chance! ;)