Saturday, September 15, 2012

cabin and webelos

we went to the cabin with some great friends, and here is caleb saying he is freezing!!

here i am with my great friend marie after riding quads through the mud puddles and all over the fields!!

here is colby and his almost twin, diego. they were born on the same day. i am still mad at his mother for that!! She wasn't due for another 2 weeks. 

Nathan took Colby to his first asu game, and the poor kid got a nasty migraine. these are becoming almost a daily occurrence, poor boy!!

colby got his webelos award, and i got to paint his face. it was fun!!

the finished product, a blue w from ear to ear, yellow triangles, and red stripes. 
we went to the pool a lot this summer, and waited for the tubes to get on the lazy river several different times. here is nathan with rachel, our green goggled girl!!

 Rachel in an adorable dress I got her at a stake clothing exchange

could she be any cuter??

kids on the first day of school getting out to get on the bus

while camping, we had to wash a blanket and jammies that rachel had an accident in. this was our cool little washing machine!!

here i am washing clothes!!

it was fun spinning it around

rachel had so much fun picking flowers in the fields

here we are caravanning in the field, 2 prowlers followed by 2 quads. 

nathan having a blast zooming around on his quad, he thoroughly enjoyed splashing through the puddles, and it was fun watching the giant mud wave come crashing on him!!

Dad and his girls after splashing through the puddles. 

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