Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas letter 2014

This year has been an incredible one of change and growing. After the new year, my mom was at a friend’s retirement party, and I got word that an ambulance had taken her away. I didn’t really think a whole lot of it, assuming it was a diabetic complication, and she would ultimately be fine in a day or two. I was shocked to learn that she had suffered a massive heart attack, and would most definitely not be ok. The doctors got all of her valves opened up and heart beating again like it should, but too much time had passed. Her other organs had gone without oxygen for too long. She was kept alive on machines for 2 days, but after a negative brain ct scan that showed no activity, and dialysis did not clear her blood of the strong drugs and wake her up, Dad finally came to the conclusion that the rest of the family already had. She was not in her battered body anymore, and we needed to let her go. We all gathered as a beloved family around her hospital room to say goodbye. I found peace in knowing she hadn’t suffered, and was given the best chance possible. I love my mom, and am so grateful for the knowledge I have that she is at peace, and waiting for the rest of us on the other side….and pain free. She can walk, dance and not be confined to the scooter anymore. I love her.
In April, Nathan entered the pathway program through the University of Phoenix, and was told he could become a teacher in the fall. Without him going through the rest of the masters program, or student teaching first, his only option was to go to a small town school, or an inner city school to become a teacher.  His first choice was a small town, and he went to a job fair in northern Arizona. The schools were impressed with his business knowledge and sports experience, and seemed excited to meet him. Just a few days later, the Snowflake School District called him to set up an interview. We both took a day off to drive up and explore the city. He had his interview, and they were so taken with his new ideas and excitement, that they actually offered him a job the same day. We were so excited, and knew that the next chapter of our lives was about to begin. We moved up to Snowflake the last weekend of June. So far, we are loving it here. It is hard for Nathan to be a first year teacher, while also in his master’s program. He has done incredibly well, and been accepted and well-liked by most of his students. He will be done with the academic part in just a few more weeks. This is one proud family, he has worked exceptionally hard for us!!
Marne was out of work for about a month, until school started, and the intermediate school had an opening as the attendance clerk. It is a perfect fit for her, and she loves the interaction she has with the new principal, secretary, teachers, students and parents. Half the town knew our family before we knew anyone! We love our small town, awesome community.
Colby is in his first year of junior high, as a 13 year old 7th grader. He has improved so much since moving here.  He has made some friends, enjoys school for the first time, and is so much happier. For him alone, it has been worth it. All the kids, but Rachel played soccer, and now the older ones are starting basketball. They love it. 
 Rebekah is 11 and in 6th grade at the school Marne works at, and happier as well. She has an entourage of friends that have chosen our house as the neighborhood hang out. She walks all over town with them, and loves it here. Caleb is 9 and in 4th grade. He is a great student with straight A’s and perfect attendance. He has made lots of friends at school, and his favorites are girls! He likes to hang out with them, and they are so sweet to him. He writes little stories and makes riddle games on the computer and always has the family laughing. Rachel is our 6 year old 1st grader. She is still our firecracker. She has such energy, and constantly falls down while rollerblading or running…but jumps up and says she’s ok. She is hilarious. She would stay outside all day if we let her.
 Mom and Dad
 Our awesome family
 The weather here is amazing. It has been in the 60s for 2 months, I guess we got some really mild fall weather. We are grateful and have loved our slow descent into freezing temperatures. We are still waiting for a good snowstorm, it has barely snowed a few times, but the kids want some good snow to play in. We feel very blessed where we are in life, we feel that we have been led and directed for many years to be at this place and time. We see the Lord’s hand in our lives, and are very grateful for his watchful care. We love Him, and are grateful for the reminder of what is important in life. Merry Christmas to everyone, and may this year be a littler calmer for us all

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