Thursday, November 1, 2007

happy halloween!!

colby was a teenage mutant ninja turtle, caleb was chicken little, but detested his hat. it was about the cutest thing in all the world, but he would not wear it for anything!!!
and here is rebekah the beautiful princess. she was just the perfect, dainty girl in her dress that was too long for her. she is the cutest little princess in all the land!!
we had a lot of fun trick or treating around the neighborhood. the kids pulled in quite a loot, and we only went up and down our own street!! i would hate to see what happens when they get older, and go all over!!


leslie jo said...

I think that is funny you tossed the camera to nate and told him to blog. I like his posts they are too funny. The kids are getting to big. Cute Halloween costumes. I know the feeling about the little one no keeping the head on.. neither would ryker on his dog costume.
Glad you had a good halloween!!! leslie

Shellee said...

Curt said that Colby looks like a Gresko, and I think that Caleb and Rebekah look like McNellys. I would have to agree, except for the fact that I didn't grow up with the Gresko Family, so I have no idea what they looked like as little kids. I love the Chicken Little costume and want to know if he runs around the house singing "I am the Champion". When is the next one due?

nate and marne said...

i don't know if i agree with that assumption, i don't think any of the kids look like me, but hey. no, i don't think caleb actually put that together, that he was supposed to sing that in the costume. maybe in a few years!! we had our first checkup yesterday, and everything is perfect. i was worried, i had some cramping and bleeding 2 different times. but there is a strong heartbeat, so we are optomistic. she (we hope) is due on june 15th, so we are going for the end of may. :)

***LIZ*** said...

I want her to be born on the 16th that is my birthday! Sure cuties in there Haloween outfits. And because I grew up with the greskos I only see Greskos in your kids, sorry Marne. I know your in there somewhere, but those Gresko genes run strong, and accident prone, so watch out!

nate and marne said...

oh yeah, don't i know it liz. my kids are just like their daddy. before rebekah was even a year old, colby had broken her leg, and smashed her finger in the door, almost chopping it off. it was sick. the list goes on and on. thank goodness for insurance!!

The Burtons said...

Grathen Nesko

Whats up? So my wife has a blog and Laura Lane finds it. She sends us a comment which takes us to her page. What do we find there? Your page as a link in her friends column! Turns out, you are quite the blogger!!!
Your family looks great.