Saturday, November 17, 2007

Its been awhile...and my kids are the cutest has been awhile since we posted anyway. To fill you all in, Marne is pregnant, but is spotting on and off frequently, Im sure she appreciates me telling everyone. Most would say psshhht, thats nothing, but with her it has always meant miscarriage, and she has had plenty of them to prove it. SOOOOOOOO, she is on bed rest until she can get another ultrasound to make sure the kid is still alive. Bed rest means that I get to play dad and mom; pelvic rest, which means for the next three weeks I might as well be 14 again hoping for a good dream; and she is nauseous which, to Marne, means the end of the world is near. Im actually not complaining, and I definitely dont take Marne for granted. I completely understand what she does around here. I just dont understand HOW she does it all.....My kids are assisting in sending me to the asylum quite earlier than I planned. BOOOOOOOOOGERS!!!!! Thats what they are... I love can they please go to sleep???? Anyways, Im gonna look up some random pics from Halloween to put in here because I need to keep up with the Joneses....EVERYONE posts a million pics with each post...its all I can do to take the 3 minutes it took to type this....You all suck and I hope you suffer extreme finger cramps from all the pic snapping. Have a nice day


leslie jo said...

Hey good to hear from you!
I am sorry about the pregnancy problems! I wish you the best and we will pray for you!
The pics are really what makes the blog do so suck it up and do it!
I am glad you appreciate Marne and all she does an dI agree my kids are sending me to the insane asylm too!
take care- good luck

redshoes595 said...

Nathan, you crack me up. I expect hear from you on Monday after the ultrasound. I hope everything is fine and secure.

nate and marne said...

well everyone, we had an ultrasound today. everything looks great with the baby, the placenta, it's all doing what's it's supposed to be. so that's the good news. and at 10 weeks, our little BOY was showing himself for all the world to see. nathan is still hoping it is swollen girlie parts, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Gresko... this blog thing is great to get a chance to see what everyone is up to and everyone's kids. Your family is beautiful! Congratulations on the one on the way, I hope everything goes okay with it. I really haven't had a chance to keep up with anyone from Prescott either, but it's really fun to see what is going on. I had no idea I would find so many people I knew. Our blog is private because I'm paranoid, but if your interested in seeing it, send me an email and I'll send you an invite

Shalyce (Fish) Cluff

***LIZ*** said...

Glad to hear everything is looking good with the new baby, wow they can tell he's a little boy all ready, that's amazing. Congrats!