Thursday, April 23, 2009

spring sing and fun

the quality of this pic didn't end up so good, but this is rachel today, and rebekah at 6 months. they were in the same outfit, so i thought it would be fun to compare. think they look alike??

colby was in the spring sing at school wednesday night. dad had to help grandpa with a blown tire in phoenix, so i got to bring the kiddos to the concert by myself. it was very entertaining. rachel just wanted to go up and down the stairs next to our seats, and only fell twice. (with bumps to prove it!!) she was so cute though, she had everyone around us oohing and aahing over her. and she milks it too, flashing that grin and baby blues at them!! we are in for it with this one!!

and then, we took some more pics of the kids in their spiffy duds sunday. i can't resist, they are so cute!! aren't the boys handsome??


Shellee said...

You said that you don't do much with sewing, you should try out Mulqueens Sewing Center Block of the month. It's $19.00/year and they give you a quilt block to do one month at a time, then they give back the $19 at the end to use towards finishing the quilt.. Call me if you have questions.
Also, the Wicked tickets are here, yay!!!

Lori said...

They do look alike! Those boys of yours are going to be heart breakers.
Handsome little devils.

Chrissy Beach said...

I love the pic of the girls. I always compare pictures when they are little. They do look a lot alike. And of course all of your kids are gorgeous!:)