Saturday, June 27, 2009

we love grandpa and doggies

rachel was sitting under the table playing with natalie's dog, ruby. when i looked under there, this is what i found. she was grinning and giggling, and playing with the poor dog's nipples!!
she thought it was great fun, but i don't think ruby agreed! she didn't nip at her though, for which i was proud!!

then, grandpa picked up rachel, and snuggled her right up to him. she loves that grandpa so much. when we walk out to their house, she gets so excited and runs over to hug grandpa who is sitting on the floor with his arms outstretched for her. he gives her soda and treats too, she loves him!!

rebekah had picture day for her last day of dance practice. it was very exciting, she looked gorgeous!! tonight is her recital, hopefully she will remember what she worked on, and make us proud!!

and here is rachel munching on an apple. she doesn't like it when you cut it up for her. give her the whole thing, and she will be happy to take bites herself. silly girl!!


Heather said...

Hey, how did the recital go? Did you finally get her hair the right way? It sure was fun being there for a week.

Lori said...

Rebekah looks just like Nathan in that picture. What a cutie. Does she take ballet? My girls loved their dance recital. I need to post pics soon.