Saturday, June 19, 2010


today i learned (well, relearned really) that i am extremely gullible. i will fall for any sob story, so bring them on. a few years ago, i had listed an organ for sale, the kind you play, not the body parts. anyway, i had a person contact me with one of those, i'll send you a check and you wire me the money deals. this was before it was all over the place as a do not do thing. i had never heard of it before, and it seemed like a good deal. so, the check came, i went and deposited it, then wired the money. i know what you are thinking, wow, what an idiot. now, before you judge me too harshly, just know that i am not a scam artist, and don't think i know anyone else who is. so why would anyone do this to me? it had never happened to me. apparently, there's a first time for everything. i don't remember exact details, but i also bought a dog the same way. wire the money, no dog. in the end, i was taken for something like 6 grand. you would think i had learned my lesson, right? WRONG!!

we have our excursion listed on craigslist, and several people have expressed interest in it, only to quit calling, not show up when they are supposed to, or other such things. last night i got an email from a guy that says he is extremely interested, but needs us to do owner financing. this puts up little red flags. he says he has little kids, and needs a car for them. flags down. aw, a guy with kids can't be bad, right? he says he'll give us a thousand down, and a thousand every month for the next 7 month, which is a grand more than asking price. flags up again. says he has a good paying job, and can show us pay stubs. oh, ok. flags down. he'll get it insured with us as leinholders. he'll have a notorized contract drawn up. all these things sound good to me. but then, my good old father in law says, but what if he just takes the car, and you never hear from him again? all you have is a thousand dollars. dang, i've been taken in again.

now, this could be a legitimate guy, with a legitimate need that we could help. or, he could be a total scam artist with no job, no kids, and is just looking for gullible suckers like me. there is no way to tell, so sadly, with the world in the sad shape it is in, i cannot take the chance. i am so upset tonight. upset that i fall for these things so easily, that i trust that there is a shred of decency left in humanity. upset that i have to feel this way. that you can't just follow the dang golden rule. treat others the way you would want to be treated, dangit!!!! but most of all, i am upset that i almost fell for this kind of thing......again. will i ever learn???


kris said...

Don't feel too bad, Marne. You didn't get taken in this time...just almost. Unfortunately, it's the world we live in. You're getting better - keep working at it!

Heather said...

Its not that you are gullible, you are trusting. Very trusting and that has it good and bad parts. You are honest and so you believe that all of us are too. Sadly the world has changed and we have to think of ourselves first and then others. You are getting better. I am proud of you.

Queen 'Bina said...

I had a guy try to pull that with me. Fortunately, I didn't go and cash that check. But then he was all over me for several days, trying to scare me into doing his bidding. Fortunately, I have a great hubby who scare so easily and could make me feel better about the situation. It really soured me on selling stuff on craigslist, though.