Sunday, October 2, 2011

my baby got baptized

of course, i always post pictures in backwards order. but here is the whole family after rebekah's baptism.
rebekah with her baptism blanket made my grandma gresko

bekah and her daddy
rebekah with mom and dad
rebekah the sweet
so i was unprepared for the experiences we had yesterday. i was expecting a little bit of a hectic day, hard to feel the spirit of what was happening in my baby girl's life. it was so much more than that. we wanted to perform the ordinance when everyone could be there, so we went for in between conference sessions on saturday afternoon. conference ended at 11, and it was an hour to fill the baptismal font. we decided noon would be a good time to hold it. our bishop was scheduled to be on duty, where he is the fire chief in a nearby town. the other counselors were up at conference in salt lake, and working. it was a hard day to get ahold of the necessary people we needed for keys and such. it all came together though, and everything was set. the family were all there on time, and we began. we had talks and songs, and the baptism and confirmation were great. my sister was asked to give the closing prayer, and she said what we were thinking and feeling, but couldn't express. she said that we all feel the presence of our deceased grandmother, and know she is proud of rebekah. after some more sweet things were said, and with tears rolling down my face, because of the confirmation that sandy was indeed there, i hugged my sister, who was crying as well. she said, i don't know what happened, i was supposed to tell you that. then, grandpa gresko gave rebekah the blanket that sandy had made and wrapped a year ago for her. i was unprepared for the card attached to it. she had written a personal note to rebekah, which was so perfect and eloquent. rebekah squealed and wrapped herself up in it. it is beautiful and perfect. then, when we came home, and i was looking at the card again, i noticed that it opened up, and the inside was written in as well. it was filled with more of sandy, and we treasured it. what a day!!!


Heather said...

Thank you Marne. I needed to hear that others can feel her near and know she is still very much apart of our lives. Collin said, "Mom, it is weird to look at those pictures of Rebekah, she looks different, like she is sparkling." Yes son she does look different. That is the Holy Ghost. I love the note she wrote to Trenton, he holds it near and dear to him and reads it often.

***LIZ*** said...

What a great day! You all look great. Congrats to Rebekah, she does sparkle. I can't believe you have kids old enough to get baptized, when did we get so old??

alliopie said...

How wonderful! And how special for all those wonderful experiences of Sandy! I can't believe it's already been a year. So happy you had such a wonderful experience with Rebekah and how sweet for Sandy to make those things in advance for her - what a wonderful gift for all of you!

KMireille said...

How thoughtful and wonderful of Sandy- and what a treasure for Rebekah.