Thursday, August 30, 2007

happy day!!

thank heaven, everyone is feeling better today. i do not care to divulge how many pairs of various clothing items we've been through with these sick kids!! colby went back to school today, and bekah had preschool. it was a nice, peaceful morning with just caleb to run errands with. nathan, who works from midnight to 8, had just laid down to take a nap, when his boss called to tell him that a contractor, like himself, had just decided he was done with the biz today. so nathan hauled himself up to anthem (about an hour away) to do a run in our excursion. thank goodness for the monster car we have!! it has saved our butts the last few months on more than one occasion. so, long story short, nathan has worked all night, all day, then all night again. doesn't that sound like fun?? if this keeps up, i'm gonna have to get cleared with the post office and do some runs myself!!

on a side note, i just found out yesterday that my sister, tattie is having twins!! congrats to them!! i'm so excited to have 2 little nieces or nephews!!! at the same time!! hehe!! they went in to see how far along she was, that was quite a surprise!! :)


redshoes595 said...

Poor Nathan, so is he going to get that run, and what is doing about the midnight thing? He needs more drivers but I guess you guys are working on that. Congrats for Tat, but....?!! I don't know how she is going to handle it.

redshoes595 said...

Marne, my mom said the Cami liked some of the things in the new CTMH catalog. I am placing an order Sat. the 8th and would love to add her order to it and yours if you want too. let me know ASAP

***LIZ*** said...

Hi Marne & Nathan! I am so happy that you have a blog now. I know I've only hung out with you three times Marne, but as I try to claim honorary Gresko status, it still feels like we are close. Anyway, can't wait to see some more photos of those darling kidos of yours. And tell Nathan to get over it, he still looks like himself and he has a beautiful wife who loves him to prove how good he still looks. So vain! I don't look exactly like I would like, but it doesn't stop me from posting pics on my blog. I hope he gets some sleep soon! Good luck with the routes!