Monday, September 3, 2007

Death to palm trees, dentists, and insomnia everywhere

Yes its wonderful old me again, (Nathan for those who cant see me). I just wanted to fill you all in on how this last week was. The title should explain everything.
Palm trees...the idiot that owned this home before us must have had been trying to compensate for something. He planted palm trees EVERYWHERE and let most of them grow to over 100 feet. Well, they can look cool once in awhile, but they are useless, unless you are counting on them to completely clog up your pool pumps...then they are a pool repairmans dream. Thats right folks, my pool is clogged AGAIN, just from the seeds and crap that fall from the 8 0r 9 trees right around the pool. I probably shouldnt tell you that I have wonderful dreams involving chain saws and giant bon fires...someday (sigh)
Dentists make number 2 on my list. I could leave it at this first statement and ask you to ponder all the puns of the number 2. "Who does number 2 work for?" ANYWAY, I once again had to have a root canal. This time it was due to a taquito that was too hard and took a chunk the size of texas out of my back molar. I hate the drills, the grinding on my teeth, the numbness...and oh yeah... this now marks the second time Ive had a root canal that I could feel them yanking the nerves out of my teeth....PAIN PEOPLE.............oh the agony
Finally, insomnia. I actually dont suffer from an inability to sleep. I suffer from a lack to time to sleep. The post office asked me to pick up an emergency contract this week. This means that I do my run from 11pm to 5am, and then do the emergency run from 5am to 6pm. I get home about 7 and go straight to sleep. Thats right folks...4 hours a night. Happy days are here again.

In all seriousness though, I am actually pretty happy. This week was just a rough one. It wasnt the first and it definitely wont be the last. Football has started, and while I miss my BYU season tickets (we had sweet seats), I compensated partially by getting ASU ticks. Well, thats all for later.

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redshoes595 said...

Come Nathan, you can handle it all, I know you can. Sure do miss you guys.