Sunday, October 7, 2007

Peepers but not Toms

I think anyone who reads this knows who is writing simply from the moronic title. I thought that I would have some fun and go around and read everyone else's blogs that I know. Its been fun to peep into the lives of so many people. I already keep up with regular postings of Liz and Adam and their adorable little boy, as well as Heather and her misery for the moment. But it was even more fun to drop into other peoples pages and see what life has been for them. For instance:
I think Shanda is crazy for going to cloth diapers. Thats all they had in Africa and I ruined more than a few pants holding babies. Not to mention, it involves a lot more close contact with poop...and I am so happy to just fling those things in the trash. No offense, but still...insane.
Suzi and Jared seemed to have a blast in Hawaii and that is putting it mild. Jealousy rages as I so want to learn to surf...but there definitely isn't the time.
I also popped in on Sherrie and Doug, Kendra and Barry, Marenda and Sam, and countless others who I thought I might know. Of course, I didnt leave any comments, I'm 30 years old and still have a massive shy complex...My mother berated me the other day for it...but thats who I am. Its great to see that everyone is doing so makes me happy.
On a much better note..the miserable shifts have ended. I finally found 2 employees that are able to cover the shifts and not give me a heart attack at the same time. This means that I will only have to work nights when I cover for them. Oh happy day!!!!!!!


***LIZ*** said...

Glad to here you keep up with us. It is fun to "blog stalk" as I call it. But I bet all of them would love to hear from you. That is a lot of the fun of blogging to reconnect with old friends.

Kirsten said...

A "shy complex"? Hello? Is this Nate talking??????

redshoes595 said...

Nathan, you are shy but no one can see you and they would love to hear from you. I know I do.

Laura Smith said...

NATE!!! You shy? Come on for what reason? So nice to see your family doing so well! Congrats on the little one on the way!! Your family is too cute! Stop on by the Smith's blog and comment all you want!