Thursday, September 27, 2007

my kids are growing up!!

ok everyone, i am a bad posting girl, but the kids had their bday party last weekend. colby and his friend diego were both born on the same day, the 19th, so now that we are back in town, we went back to the joint bday party for them. and since rebekah is a week later, on the 26th, we threw hers in too. so we had about 25 kids here for a pool party.....and it was the one rainy, cold day of the year. we hurried to get into the pool before the rain started, and lasted about 30 min before they all declared they were too cold to stay in any longer. we had them all jump on the trampoline to dry off, then come inside for cake and presents. it went as well as the circumstances allowed, so it was good.

then later that evening, the dad's all went to the asu football game, so diego's mom, cami, and i went out. when we got home, all the kids were sprawled out on the floor and couches, sound asleep. i just had to run and grab the camera. they were hilarious!!!

also, today has been quite a day. it started when i got the bright idea to do some weeding. i was out there for probably half an hour, pulling the most stubborn weeds in the world. that grass does not want to be removed from its home! first, i had a really firm grip on some weeds, and pulled them out. in the process, a pile of dirt flew into my face, and some landed directly in my right eye. i blinked and tried to spray the hose on it to get it out. it really burned, but i figured i was a dork, and should get on with it. then i got this excruciating pain in my hand, so i literally threw off the gloves, and ran to the front door. it was locked, so i knocked like a crazy person, hoping nathan would hear my distress and come running. he was in the shower, but my father in law opened the door for me. he looked at me like i was crazy, but i didn't care, it really hurt. i went into the bathroom where nathan was to show him my owie. it was a blister on the side of my middle finger that was huge, and had popped then was rubbed raw so it bled. talk about pain. so i got in the shower hoping to alleviate the pain with the nice warm water. bad idea, soap and shampoo on a cut do not feel very good. so i got dressed and whined some more to nathan. throughout the day, my eye got blurry, and more irritated. so i finally gave up and went to the eye doc. they got me in right away, and after examining me, said i had scratched my eye several times under the eyelid. to make sure it was not going to do so, he put numbing drops in my eye, then flipped my eyelid inside out to scrape it with a qtip. even with the drops, it was not pleasant. he gave me some more drops and told me i should be fine in a couple days. sheesh. why not??


Kirsten said...

Wish we could have been there for the birthday party! Hope your eye feels better soon.

***LIZ*** said...

The party sounds like fun and that pic of them all passed out is adorable. Sorry to hear about your eye and finger, I hope they both heal quickly. Try not to hurt yourself anymore, I know you have the Gresko name, but come on..

nate and marne said...

ok, and to end the weekend with a bang, i thought i would be really good, and prune the grapefruit tree in the backyard. apparently, there are lots of bugs on the ground out there, and it was almost dark when i went out there. this morning, i woke up to literally 40 bug bites on my legs. i look like i have a disease!! it's embarrassing. i really am a gresko liz!!