Sunday, August 16, 2009

kids are back

isn't rebekah full of it? this was after school the first day.
here is rachel loving on grandma after church. she runs up and wraps her arms around grandma's legs begging to be picked up. then she hugs and snuggles. it's awesome.

poor caleb had a toy taken away or something here. he really didn't want his picture taken, but i am a mean mom and did it anyway!!

rachel posing and playing in her cutie outfit

this darling little munchkin has been getting into all sorts of trouble now that the older kids are back in school!! the other day it had been quiet for too long, so i went searching....this is what i found!! little twerp was up on the shelves eating chips!! good thing she is so cute!!

i am a bad mom and forgot to take a picture before the kids left for school. so here is one after they got home!

nathan has decided he has been a trucker for about as long as he can stand, and is going back to school to try to better our lives. he will get his computer networking certifications in 3 months or so, and hopefully get a job soon after.

oh, and NO we did not keep the dog!!


Kells said...

Well maybe you can send Rachel to preschool?? I then she can raid thier fridge. She is so cute.Love ya Nate and Marne!!

leslie jo said...

Sorry to hear about your housing problem. I will pray for you. Will you stay in Arizona then?
Good Job for Nate going back to school it's worth it wish I could get mine back in. There is just no time for us he works 3 jobs and I start mine back up now that school will be in.
There isn't a pic of Rebecca on here did you mean to post one and forget I want to see that cute lil girl. She is growin up soo fast what grade is she in?
well take care.. we are headed down your way in Feb if you are still there maybe we can do lunch

3in3mom said...

too cute--and too funny. I love seeing the little things they do. I LOVE the one of Rachel and Grandma--that is priceless.

Chrissy Beach said...

You are a great Mom Marne and I like seeing life with your kiddos! That is cute that Rachel was in your pantry... I feel better now because Abby climbs in there all the time and on everything else!! Hope things are going well. School is always a great idea I think! take care!!